About Us

Impact Christian Ministries is a faith-based organization that ministers to the needs of the homeless, needy and the poor, as well as those who may have lost their homes to disaster. We are also able to assist people who need help getting their lives on track after leaving jail or prison.

Our center is located at 115 West Solomon Street in downtown Griffin, Ga. From this facility we serve cooked meals and provide spiritual guidance, worship and fellowship for those in need. We also have a large clothing ministry facility located at 112 Merchant Way in downtown Barnesville. This ministry can supply clothing, hygiene items and from time to time some household cleaning supplies for the needy.

Cooked Meals

We have a very large vision for this ministry that will carry on for many years to come. Our philosophy is that every living person is important and that there is always hope for changing lives through the ministry of Jesus Christ. We care about people and this ministry provides an opportunity for us to put our words into action. Our vision is large, new and without boundaries. For the future, we envision centers in surrounding counties and beyond. The time is right and the need has never been greater. Our God is Great!

This ministry is an incorporated, registered non-profit organization with an established board of directors made up of local people and business owners.

Would you be willing to partner with us? This is your chance to be a part of something very big and very rewarding.

Ken Page

Miriam Garcia
Associate Pastor / Women’s Pastor